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January/February 2022

Zoom Business Meeting
Founders Day:  Julia Rosendahl, STAR Recipient

March 2022

In-Person Business Meeting
Meet New Members

April 2022

In-Person Business Meetings
Meet New Members
Tour of Madison Children's Museum

May/June 2022

In-Person Business Meetings
Early Black Madison Residents,
Forward Theater,
Convention Report

Social Small Group meeting at Panera on June 22, 2022

2022 Panera Lunch - June 22 v1.jpg
2022 Panera Lunch - June 22 v2.jpg

Mary Deininger, Sara Lee Hinckley, Nancy Ross, Ginny Corwin, Sarah Rose, Barn Dickie, Mary Brewer, Carol Lawler, Judy Kalan, Sandy Burrus

Tour of Foward Garden at Pope Farm on July 13, 2022

Group Photo 3.jpg

Carol Lawler, Barb Dickie, Mary Deininger, Jeanine Olson, Matt Lechmaier (Farm Manager), Sarah Rose, Mary Jo Olson, Nancy Ross, Sue Ullsvik, Mary Brewer, Sally Miley, Sandy Burrus, Ginny Corwin, Linda Hogle, Nancy Moore, amd Ann Leon

Group Photo 5.JPEG
Group Photo 6.JPEG

Just-For-Fun Luncheon at Buck & Honey's - Monona on July 27, 2022

BUCK & HONEYS - 2022-07-27 v1.JPEG
BUCK & HONEYS - 2022-07-27 v2.JPEG
BUCK & HONEYS - 2022-07-27 v3.JPEG

Marylyn Smetzer, Nancy Ross, Sandy Burrus, LaVonne McCrill Terry Vom, Gibby Corwin, Mary Brewer, Judy Christenson, Judy Moriarty, Ann Harsh, Betty Keeney, Carol Lawler

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