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Opening Ode

We who are sisters in heart and spirit
Give thanks for the star and its message.
May Purity, Justice, Faith, Truth, and Love
Make glad and holy the secret places of our hearts.


Objects and Aims

The objects and aims of this Sisterhood shall be general improvement, which shall comprehend more especially the following points:

To seek growth in charity toward all with whom we associate, and a just comprehension of, and adherence to, the qualities of Faith, Love, Purity, Justice, and Truth.
To seek growth in knowledge and in culture, and to obtain all possible wisdom from nature, art, books, study, and society, and to radiate all light possible by conversation, by writing, and by the right exercise of any talent we possess.  To aim at self-control, equipoise, and symmetry of character, and temperance in opinions, speech, and habits.
It shall be the chief duty of each member to consider thoughtfully the full import of P.E.O. This will include a sincere regard for our influence in the community, a careful consideration of feeling when speaking, and a determination to do all we can at all times and under all circumstances to express a loving concern for each sister.

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