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January 22, 2020

Linda Braden welcomed us into her beautiful home which was delightfully decorated with a winter wonderland theme. Joyce Bromley served as her co-hostess. Virginia Francis, along with her food committee of Judy Nicolet, Sharon Vinson, Tamara Jackopin and Betty Keeney, served  chicken Alfredo with a tossed citrus salad, followed by brownies and chocolate chip bars for dessert. After our lunch Kyle Knox, Director of The Wisconsin Youth Symphony Orchestra, gave an inspirational talk about WYSO itself as well as his career path to become its director. Kyle had been an outstanding clarinetist until a nerve disorder prevented him from playing professionally.        

IMG_1251 (1).jpg

Host:  Linda Braden

Co-Host:  Joyce Bromley

Food Committee:  Virginia Francis, Tamara Jackopin, Betty Keeney, Judy Nicolet, and Sharon Vinson

Beautiful table settings.

IMG_1256 (2).jpg
IMG_1258 (1).jpg
IMG_1262 (1).jpg

L to R:  Annette Norsman, Nancy Hertel and Sue Ullsvik


L to R:  Judy Christenson, Sara Lee Hinckley and Linda Graebner


L to R:  Sally White, Jeanine Olson, Carol Lawler, Carolyn White and Sarah Rose


L to R:  Nancy Moore, Sally Miley, Jean Nordlund, Janet Cabot and Audrey Dybdahl.


L to R:  Mary Deininger, Ginny Corwin, Ann Leon, Linda Braden and Linda Hogle.


L to R:  Judy Moriarty, Bonnie Orvick, LaVonne McCrill and Nancy Ross.


L to R:  Sara Lee Hinckley, Santa and Jeanine Olson

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Joyce Bromley

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Beautiful table settings.

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L to R:  Tamara Jackopin and Betty Keeney

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L to R:  Sharon Vinson and Judy Nicolet

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Linda Braden

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